Doctrine and Practice

Core Doctrines and Practices

  • We hold to the early ecumenical Church creeds (Apostles, Nicene, Chalcedonian) and the Westminster Standards – the Westminster Confession of Faith, Shorter Catechism, and Larger Catechism.
  • Our most fundamental identity and commitment is “Christian.” This stands above and contextualizes all of our other commitments.
  • As ‘presbyterian’ and ‘Reformed’ Christians, we are committed to the historic doctrines of Biblical Reformed Christian faith, including the five “solas” of the Reformation, the doctrines of grace (TULIP), covenant theology, and presbyterian church government.
  • We are also family/generationally-integrated in our congregational worship and life.
  • We practice covenant baptism and celebrate weekly covenant communion
  • We hold to a literal young earth six-day creation of all things by the word of His power, and all very good.
  • We believe in God’s priority and promises of covenant succession (i.e. Christian parents praying and laboring by sincere faith, love, and hope in our faithful God to raise children for God who are full of faith, love, and hope in God).
  • We believe that God’s grace and God’s law/kingdom are friends rather than enemies, and as such we joyfully embrace theonomy, the reconstructing rule/reign of God according to eternal equity of Biblical law, over individuals, families, churches, and even the state (nations/magistrates). Jesus is Lord of all!
  • As we proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God to saints and sinners, we do so with a presuppositional apologetic, starting (and ending) with the bedrock assertion “let God be true, though every man a liar” (Rom 3:4a).
  • We rejoice in the sure victory of God’s heavenly kingdom on earth in time/history, before the final postmillennial return of Christ in glory, assured that Christ, the risen and reigning King/Head, will convert and conquer all nations through His Church/Body by the effectual working of His Word and Spirit.
  • Lastly, as a local congregation of the one, holy, catholic (worldwide), and apostolic Church that Jesus is building (Matthew 16:18), we are committed to living as a chosen, consecrated, connected, confessional, confessing, covenanted, commissioned, conquering, compassionate, and charitable Christian assembly (ekklesia) and community (koinonia), in affections, words, and deeds.