Mission & Commitments

Our Mission Statement Resurrection Church exists to glorify the Triune God by persistently and passionately pursuing our supreme satisfaction in Him, and by spreading a passion for His all-satisfying sufficiency and supremacy in all things for the joy and blessing of all people in Him.

Our Foundational Purposes (Commitments) – All of Christ. For all of Life. For all of Peoria County.

Rooted in God – Gospel and Law

  • God’s Grace: To know, live and share the Gospel: Purpose statement – “To see our members so secure in God’s grace, so knowledgeable in God’s law, and so confident in His promises, that they are freed from self-doubts & self-seeking to joyful service.”
  • God’s Will: To discover the wisdom of God’s blueprintsPurpose Statement: “To press on our hearts the comprehensive claims of God’s Word, the sufficiency of God’s Word and its inerrant authority over all of life, and to be more faith-full in obediently living out that law word.”

Healthy Trunk – Our Body Life

  • A family integrated churchPurpose Statement: “To reestablish the family as the core covenantal unit through which vital fellowship, community and love is displayed and enjoyed within the body. To also develop strong family Christ-embodying leadership.”
  • Church communityPurpose Statement: “To encourage families to truly enter into and embrace covenant relationship with each other so that vital and committed fellowship, community, and fervent love does indeed characterize this church body. To also develop strong and capable leader-servants within the church.”

Healthy Branches & Leaves – Pressing Into Our Upward Calling

  • Christian LifePurpose Statement: “To bring individuals and families to joy-fully and more faith-fully live their lives coram deo (before God’s face) in the abiding eternal life of Christ ministered by the indwelling Holy Spirit, and to God’s glory.”
  • Spiritual Revival and MaturityPurpose Statement: “To avoid vainly doing ministry in the flesh and grieving/quenching God’s Spirit, instead walking in the Spirit and being continually filled with the Spirit, living more and more by every spiritual blessing promised to us in the heavenly places, manifesting in spiritual unity, spiritual gifts, spiritual fruits, and spiritual power/authority being exercised righteously in Jesus’ name.”
  • WorshipPurpose Statement: “To bring our people to truly delight in God through vital God-centered worship that is consistently Biblical, that is directed and driven by the Spirit, and that celebrates the pre-eminence of Christ with joy, freedom, boldness and awe.”

Healthy Fruit – Bringing God’s Blessing Beyond Our Church

  • Relationship to other churchesPurpose Statement: “To cooperate with other local evangelical churches as much as is possible, to promote reform where cooperation is not possible, and to pray for God’s blessings to rest upon His whole glorious bride.”
  • Evangelism and MissionsPurpose statement: “To be involved in and support nation-discipling missions efforts that take seriously the greatness of the Great Commission as summarized in its four “alls” (“all authority”, “all nations,” “all things” and “all the days”).”
  • Reconstruction and Reformation of families, churches and culturesPurpose Statement: “To make an enduring difference in the social fabric of our city and county, seeking first God’s kingdom and righteousness by living out God’s biblical blueprints and promoting them at every level.”